Living in the "Kingdom of Heaven" right here and now

By José de Dios Mata

The audio for this lecture will be available in a few days. Please check back soon. 

Conflict resolution: a spiritual approach

By John Tyler, CSB

This lecture, by John Tyler, CSB, was given on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at the Old Church Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon. It was the first lecture in the Portland 2017 Christian Science Lecture Series.

Experiencing heaven now

By Mary Bothwell, CSB 

The second lecture in the 2017 Portland Christian Science Lecture Series. Speaker Mary Bothwell, a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, discusses and provides examples of how this is possible right now.

Love without limit, life without fear

By Fujiko Takai Signs, CSB

A Christian Science lecture exploring the power of scientific spiritual thinking. Speaker, Fujiko Takai Signs asks - Is it possible to love without limit?  Can we experience life without fear? A Christian Science practitioner and teacher from Tokyo, Japan, she believes we can. Fujiko studies the relationship between prayer and healing, consciousness and reality, spirituality and well-being.