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About this lecture:


The house looked perfect, newly remodeled from top to bottom. But one photo showed a bulging exterior wall. And the real estate listing confirmed “certain structural issues” had not been addressed during the remodel.  

“This example can be a bit of a metaphor for our lives,” says practitioner of Christian Science healing and international speaker Janet Hegarty. “Permanent, substantive change in our lives often needs more than a new look, a different job, or even a pill. To find lasting peace and even physical healing, we have to go deeper than just managing surface symptoms.”

Hegarty continues, “Like a building needs a strong foundation, we can find a secure life foundation by discovering the unfailing source of our being. This source is the one, all-good God--not an unpredictable man in the sky who arbitrarily blesses some and condemns others, but Life and Love itself, the very Principle of everything real and good.” 

Hegarty's talk will explore this fresh perspective of God . Her ideas come from the Bible and are practiced in a prayer-based method of healing called Christian Science. Christian Science is fully explained in the book, which Hegarty will reference, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, written by the movement’s founder, Mary Baker Eddy. Hegarty will also share her own experiences that illustrate effective change, like being cured of an allergy and recovering from a sudden career derailment.

You are invited to discover how you can establish your own strong foundation and experience the life-changing effects of building on this solid basis for yourself and the world.


About Janet

What I love about Christian Science is the way it answers pressing questions that come to all of us. Questions like Who am I? Why am I here? How can I find health and happiness? These questions were uppermost in my thought as I entered college. As an undergraduate, I studied music composition at Washington University in St. Louis. Then, I moved to Chicago, where I earned a master’s degree in music. At about the same time, I was introduced to Christian Science and began finding the answers to my questions about identity, purpose, and health. This has made a huge difference in my life.

For the next several years, I composed and produced original music for theatre productions and film. Later, my husband, Jim, and I had a music production company, producing music for radio, television, and other media.

Throughout this time, I continued to apply the spiritual ideas I was learning to every facet of my life. My growing understanding of the way Christian Science explains existence took the mystery out of living and removed much fear. This new light so changed my life that it stirred in me a desire to help others find spiritual answers. I left the music business in 1994 to enter the full-time Christian Science healing practice, and in 2009 I became a Christian Science teacher.

My life has been transformed from living in fear for my health and uncertainty about the future to feeling secure in the spiritual basis for health and having a joyous expectation of good in the future. This transformation showed me the life-changing power of God’s goodness and the healing that results from understanding our oneness with God. These ideas have been useful to me in my healing work, and I love sharing them in my prison ministry, with interfaith groups, and in the public talks I give on Christian Science.

Lecture Information

Thursday, March 7, 2019

PSU Native American Student and Community Center

710 Southwest Jackson Street, Portland, Oregon 97201

Located at the corner of SW Broadway and Jackson.

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